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Albert Hofmann

LSD: The Beyond Within.

This refreshingly frank and impartial study of the discovery and development of the notorious hallucinogenic drug is notably free of moral judgemment, and features contributions from such legendary heroes of psychedelia as Albert Hofmann – the Swiss scientist who discovered the drug in 1943 – Aldous Huxley – author of ‘The Doors of Perception’ – Ken Kesey – author of ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ – and a certain Lord Christopher Mayhew.

The main question this documentary asks is whether the experiences of LSD users can make legitimate claim to being spiritual in nature, or whether this is just psychedelic delusion. Split into two parts, ‘The Rise of LSD’ and ‘The Fall of LSD’, the research starts at the beginning, with Albert Hoffman (pictured above), a Swiss research scientist who discovered the LSD-25 molecule when he accidentally ingested a dose of the drug in his lab. His experience made him think he was either mad or dead and already in hell, and he could think of nothing to do but retreat home and try to suffer through whatever he was experiencing. After a trip lasting around six hours, he returned to his senses, and it became clearer to him the type of discovery he had just made. After a couple of days convalescing, he returned to the lab, and revealed his discovery to his colleagues. (read more?)

The Beyond Within – LSD (Part1)

The Beyond Within – LSD (Part2)

Timothy Leary – The man who turned on America


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