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I worked as an undercover cop in dozens of drug stings.

I bought drugs. I sold drugs. I traded guns for drugs. I did all of this under the direction and watchful eye of our American government. I feel bad for using my undercover skills to cage non-violent citizens so now I use my undercover skills to bust krooked

I have been criticized by some police officers for revealing how to spot undercovers in my second film, NeverGetRaided. I dedicated an entire chapter to this subject where I explain undercover police are causing more harm on citizens then the drugs are causing. (Our drug laws are causing the violence, not the drugs.)

Police and the media make it sound as if officers are losing their lives every day in the War On Drugs. According to the FBI’s Uniformed Crime Reports, between the years 1996 and 2006, only 28 officers lost their lives during drug operations.

This means that only 2.8 cops died compared to the millions of citizens who lost their lives or their freedom in the same time period. Who ever said the life of a cop was more valuable then the life of a citizen? In fact, it’s suppose to be the other way around.

Police are suppose to lay down their lives to protect citizens. I tell any officers if they are worried my information will help citizens reveal their identity, to stop working as an undercover because he/she is causing more harm than the offender.

Hopefully these few tips will help you avoid being busted by the undercover agents who are still out there trying to score your stash.

Tip #1: When asked, undercover police do not have to tell you they are working undercover. I’m not sure how this rumor started but it is not true and actually helps law enforcement. Many times as an undercover, suspects would ask if I were a cop and explain I must tell if I were. I would respond, “No. I’m not a cop and you are correct. I would have to tell you if I were.” The suspects were always comfortable with this answer and would sometimes comment on how cool the “must tell” law was.

Tip#2: The best way to reveal an undercover cop is to insist they take a large bong hit in your presents. Informants are ordered to never use drugs during operations but informants break the agreement all the time. Police are NEVER allowed to partake in the use of drugs during operations (or anytime for that matter.) In fact, I would often be drug tested immediately after an operation to prove I didn’t partake. The test results would be added to the prosecutors file in case the defendant ever claimed I was a user.

Beware because police are taught how to mimic a joint hit by allowing the smoke to pass from their mouth and through their noses without any smoke entering their lungs. It’s impossible to fake a bong hit so always insist on that form of ingestion when dealing with any suspicious persons.

Although this method is not 100% fool proof in identifying a cop, (there are still a few rogue agents who will use drugs regardless,) it’s a great filter to use that will tell you to be suspicious of any persons unwilling to hit a bong.

Purchase a copy of NeverGetRaided and help me get elected as Texas Attorney General 2010.

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Posted July 30, 2009 by NIMBIN TELEVISION in Articles, YouTube

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