Dreamtime HEMP Coffins.

Welcome to Dreamtime HEMP Coffins.
The natural lifestyle of a normal hippy has created change.
Changes to the way we want to be buried or cremated.

At Dreamtime all your needs are taken care of.
When your loved ones have passed away we can help.
The wishes of the, dearly departed can be granted.

At Dream time we respect the desires of your family.
The choice of ceremony is suitably arranged and catered to.
In a time of bereavement our professional team will provide understanding.

At Dreamtime we supply certified organic coffins made from Australian Hemp.
Maybe you can decide where you would like to rest in peace?
Here are some words from one of our clients.

Grandma wished to rest peacefully, in a garden near her favourite tree.

We celebrate her life and cherish all she gave.

We bless Grandma with flowers when we visit her grave.

Sending our love as we whisper her name, Hippy.

Thank you.
Dreamtime HEMP Coffins.


Dreamtime Hemp Coffins




Posted June 3, 2009 by NIMBIN TELEVISION in Articles, Cannabis HEMP, YouTube

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  1. were is the product? costs, conpatability? thanks aubrey

    • The article is designed to raise awareness of your choice of dying. Australian law prohibits certain methods of burial and cremation. Hemp is not yet used for making caskets or coffins, because it is not yet available, cheaply. A plain pine box costs about $400 and is organic. All states of Australia now have legislature to grow industrial hemp under licence. Hempseed contains protein and omega-3 in very significant proportions. Hempseed is banned for sale as food for humans in Australia, and is the only country in the world that still does so. The law is the crime. What can you do to help change the law?
      See more about Cannabis and prohibition at the Nimbin HEMP Embassy


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